DISTORSION and the FNC present ADAM GREEN'S ALADDIN on May 12th, 9pm @ Matahari Loft 

You dreamed about it ? Adam Green achieved it ! 
The multi-facetted artist from Brooklyn (author, composer, sculpter, painter, director...) worked to adapt the hero of Arabian Nights...on his own terms.


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In this retelling of the classic tale, Aladdin is an out of work indie-rock singer living in a video-game-world ruled by a perverted technology-obsessed Sultan. With the help of a magical genie named Mustafa and his 3D printer lamp, Aladdin gets lost and found again in a story about spiritual redemption in the Internet age.

Starring Macaulay Culkin, Natasha Lyonne, Adam Green, Alia Shawkat, Jack Dishel, Francesco Clemente, Bip Ling, Har Mar Superstar and Nicole LaLiberte.

NB : *MIDNIGHT SCREENING*/ Pay what you can from midnight on. The screening will be preceded by music shows (from 9pm to midnight) performed by ►Atsuko Chiba (Experimental rock) ►Pawa Up First (Post-rock / psychedelic) ►HAPPYMOVIE (pop-core rave-wave). 


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