For our 2016 poster, we called upon a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker embodying a new generation of creators constantly looking to break frontiers. Caroline Monnet happily took part in our project and has become the face of this 45th edition.

In the eye of photographer Ulysse del Drago, Caroline brings us in a dreamlike universe without borders, tinged with modernity. Like a trip within time and space, crossing with new technologies, our poster conveys the viewer to border on the sublime while addressing a dynamic look to the other and what surrounds all of us. It's a way to remind us that cinema is, above all, a committed act that opens itself on the world. An art that engage everyone in talking and sharing, in accepting the other.

Caroline will be present during the Festival through a new Carte Blanche, produced for the Festival du nouveau cinéma in partnership with Telefilm Canada, CinéGround and Post Moderne. Then, she will take part in a residence among 12 other filmmakers at the Festival de Cannes' Cinéfondation where she will write her first feature-length: Bootlegger.

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