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October 8th to 19th, 2014

This year, the she-wolf is love (and the Festival’s signature poster), and she switched lairs. It’s under the gigantesque Dome, at the Place des festivals, that the Festival du nouveau cinema opened its ticket center for pre-sales. The site has become an unavoidable landmark, and a number of events are hosted there during the 11 days that the festival’s events last (projections, workshops for the P'tits Loups, cocktails, meetings with filmmakers). On the programming side of things, a competition dedicated to innovative technological platforms (Nouvelles Ecritures) was created, as well as a program of short student films emerging from all four corners of Canada. The leader of the Cyberpunk movement begun in Japan, Shinya Tsukamoto, received a Louve d'honneur, granted to him by the very hands of André Turpin.

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Our Posters

The Festival du nouveau cinema is a 45 years journey. Each edition carry its share of stories, experiences and memories. This journey's story is told through a visual identity that evolved and that shows the passage of time. To each new year a new emblem, a poster, is carefully crafted to represent our festivities in Quebec's film landscape. Take a look at our different posters!

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Cartes blanches

Our Cartes Blanches

Since 2011, the Festival du nouveau cinema allows different filmmakers to create a short film, without any constraint of style, genre or themes. These Cartes Blanches are then presented at various locations during the festival and give a creative inspiration to the event.






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