What’s a visit to Montreal without shopping? Discover great finds for every budget among the city’s eclectic shops and boutiques. Treat yourself, your friends and family!

Eyeglass manufacture


From day one Georges Laoun optician has illustrated himself by the classic beauty of his space and the fine choice of his eyeglass frames. From the start Georges Laoun optician has led the industry in the use of innovative technologies in the optical field. Progressive lenses, non-glare coatings, hi-index lenses and the most up to date optical and bevelling instruments manipulated by well trained, friendly professionals are invariably there for his customers and patients. Georges Laoun optician is also a passionate supporter of the arts.


La Boîte Noire

Famous shop of cinema in Le Plateau. More than 70 000 films to buy or to rent.

376 Mont-Royal E (angle St-Denis). 514-287-1249


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