PORTUGAL, Canada, Chile, France | 90 minutes | 2015

All about Lisbon: four stories in the same old city. Different characters looking for their place in the city, contemplating their wildest dreams. Sometimes it’s good to think about what could happen in your own city. So welcome to Lisbon, where mermaids float in the Tagus River and birds fly over the old city, where there are mad scientists and singing fish, lost tourist guides and lost tourists, fado and sad guitars. What a strange city, you may think — but no. Lisbon is all about being different, being sarcastic, welcoming to foreigners, even in an economic crisis. Various directors have found our strangeness fascinating. We, in turn, were fascinated by these directors. The city is never the same in these four “Episodes of a City — Here in Lisbon.” Denis Côté, Dominga Sotomayor, Gabriel Abrantes and Marie Losier took up the challenge of celebrating Indielisboa’s tenth anniversary and came up with a film that confirms the diversity, richness and values of independent filmmaking.


Sunday October 11, 2015

Program #121
Pavillon Judith-Jasmin annexe (Salle Jean-Claude Lauzon)

Saturday October 17, 2015

Program #299
Cinémathèque - Salle Fernand Seguin

Denis Côté

No biography

[2015] Excursões
[2014] Joy of Man’s Desiring
[2013] Vic and Flo saw a Bear
[2012] Bestiaire
[2011] Curling
[2009] Carcasses
[2005] Drifting States

Dominga Sotomayor

No biography

[2015] Los Barcos
[2014] Mar
[2013] La isla (Co-directed with Katarzyna Klimkiewicz) [2012] De Jueves a Domingo

Gabriel Abrantes

No biography

[2014] Taprobana
[2013] Ennui, Ennui
[2011] Palácios de Pena (Co-directed with Daniel Schmidt) [2010] A History of Mutual Respect (Co-directed with Daniel Schmidt)
[2009] Visionary Iraq (Co-directed with Benjamin Crotty) [2008] Olympia

Marie Losier

No biography

[2015] L’Oiseau de la Nuit
[2014] Alan Vega – Just a Million Dreams
[2014] Bim Bam Boom Las Luchas Morenas
[2012] Byun, Found Object
[2011] The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye

distribution and credits

  • Music Norberto Lobo, The Red Trio
  • Editing Felipe Galvez, Catherine Libert, Marie Losier, Margarida Lucas, Nicolas Roy, Dominga Sotomayor
  • Author Gabriel Abrantes, Denis Côté, Marie Losier, Dominga Sotomayor
  • Cinematographer Diogo Costa Amarante, Jorge Quintela, André Santos, Rui Xavier
  • Cast Sónia Balacó, João Canijo, Francisca Castillo, Carloto Cotta, Martinho De Jesus, Joana De Verona, Cláudia Leal, Fernando Santos
  • Other one Miguel Cabral, Rafael Cardoso, Marco Leão
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