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FRANCE, Belgium, Luxembourg | 110 minutes | 2015

A resplendent white beard, radiating goodness and lounging on a cloud futon? Are you kidding me? Turns out God is a nasty, paranoid boozer apt to concoct laws to trip up humanity without a smidgen of remorse, living in a cramped, miserable apartment in Brussels with his wife and daughter. But one day his 10-year-old daughter, Ea, decides she has had enough of His reign of terror as God the Father and sends text messages to all the inhabitants on Earth telling them... their time of death! 

Managing to run away from the divine dwelling, she even goes so far as to rally six apostles, each at a turning point in their lives, to help write The Brand New Testament. Touching base somewhere between a wonderfully irreverent tale and a deliriously fantastic homily spiced with militant feminist tenacity, Jaco Van Dormael (Mister Nobody, Le huitième jour, Toto le héros) leads Benoît Poelvoorde, Catherine Deneuve, François Damiens, Yolande Moreau and innocent young Pili Groyne far off the beaten path as he brings his fierce humour to bear on this particularly joyful and refreshing rehash of history, launched at the latest Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes.

Film d'ouverture de la 44e édition


Wednesday October 7, 2015

Auditorium Alumni H-110 (Concordia)

Thursday October 8, 2015

Program #11A
Cinéma du Parc 2

Jaco Van Dormael

No biography

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Thomas Gunzig, Jaco Van Dormael
  • Cast Benoît Poelvoorde, Catherine Deneuve, Yolande Moreau, Pili Groyne, Francois Damiens


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