Cult filmmaker Alejandro Jorodowsky, who marked our minds in 2013 for his disinhibited presentation of The Dance of Reality, will be dressed this time by a full orchestra.


The Eta Kooram Nah Smech! Ensemble will once again accompany his surreal Holy Mountain after the successful performance from 2015’s Nuit Blanche. The band of 12 musicians and singers, lead by Will Eizlini, will create an immersive soundtrack for this film that still remains a mystery to us.

The music will be performed by:

Sarah Albu
James Annett
Dina Cindrić
Pat Conan
Will Eizlini
Tamara Filyavich
Jonah Fortune
Isak Goldschneider
Sarah Pagé
James Schidlowsky
Sam Shalabi
Jason Sharp
Marie-Douce St-Jacques
Elizabeth Anka Vajagic

The screening begins at 8PM, Tuesday June 7 at Sala Rossa and is co-presented with the Suoni per il Popolo festival. Bring your brightest pendants and, in the words of Jodo, open your magic gazes, we’re up for an improbable evening full of “what the…” 

After the screening, local musician Spike Taylor will present his experimentations on the pianola.

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