Mademoiselle L

O.V. French

ALMALIZA is a video-photographic project which was born out of the meeting of minds between a videographer, Mademoiselle L, and a photographer, Hipstoresk.
Their favorite theme, "deformation and metamorphosis of body," took shape in "moving images" and photos during two sessions in the studio of the photographer (day#1-Alma and day#2-Liza).
Both artists didn't consult with each other during the shooting and discovered their work after their own and respective editing.
A third person...

FRANCE | 5 minutes | 2015

Jennifer Reeder

O.V. English

Countdown to prom night is actually a countdown to irrevocable change for three girls. Two of the girls are falling in love with each other and the third girl is forced to mother her own mother. The music blasting from the turntable provides a magical synchronicity between them all.


UNITED STATES | 33 minutes | 2015

Mathilde Delaunay

O.V. French

“A different Wild West. How to explain it? Especially when you have no horse.” Two free-spirited, indomitable young women in the middle of nowhere amid strange, otherworldly Icelandic landscapes. And a story that stammers, to suggest wandering and confront speech.

FRANCE | 20 minutes | 2015

Sarah Arnold

O.V. French

How does history affect us ? After completing her PHD thesis on The Unknown Soldier, Adèle returns to her rural hometown to look after her grandfather. Like a modern-day Antigone, her grandfather is a rebellious writer who has secretly kept the remains of a soldier from World War I buried at the bottom of their garden.

FRANCE | 29 minutes | 2014


Friday October 9, 2015

Program #53
Pavillon Judith-Jasmin annexe (Salle Jean-Claude Lauzon)

Thursday October 15, 2015

Program #229
Pavillon Judith-Jasmin annexe (Salle Jean-Claude Lauzon)
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