Charles Grenier

O.V. French

CANADA | 14 minutes | 2015

Don McKellar

O.V. English

Under the mischievous eye of Don McKellar, these ruptures are akin to the Surrealists’ game, of “exquisite corpse”, played to break the banality of existence.

CANADA | 13 minutes | 2014

Emilie Mannering

O.V. French

Star follows the path of Tito and Jay, two brothers living in the Montreal neighborhood of Park Extension. Accompanying these young people in their daily life marked by complicity and intimidation, Star tackles themes dear to teenagers: identity and friendship.

CANADA | 15 minutes | 2015

Terence Chotard, Raphaël J. Dostie

O.V. Russian

Alone in the depths of a concrete labyrinth, a man patrols the empty alleys of an abandoned underground parking. Fired by the anonymous society that employs him, Hector is forced to leave his workplace that he transformed into a refuge over the years. Crushed by this expulsion, he risks everything and breaks away.

CANADA | 13 minutes | 2015

Patrice Laliberté

O.V. French

One night, Mathieu, 17, goes under an overpass to do a graffiti.

CANADA | 19 minutes | 2015

Ashley Mckenzie

O.V. English

An overworked student becomes entangled in a thorny problem while trying to maintain a caring friendship with a young drug addict.

CANADA | 13 minutes | 2015


Sunday October 11, 2015

Program #110
Cinéma du Parc 2

Wednesday October 14, 2015

Program #189
Cinéma du Parc 2
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