John Krocker

O.V. - Without dialogue

A work of comedy, a work of art. The content is debatable, but the colour is good and the soundtrack is interesting. Just like an experimental film.

CANADA | 3 minutes | 1982

MB Duggan

O.V. English

Performance poetry, charming crutches, blood and microphones - a typical morning routine.

CANADA | 2 minutes | 1985

Ed Ackerman, Gregory Zbitnew

O.V. English

An innovative experimental animated film that makes moving images with a photocopy machine. Through bizarre images and a pulsing electronic musical score, the filmmakers have created a mind expanding work that will long remain in your memory.

CANADA | 5 minutes | 1980

The Pieced Quilt
Scott Fitzpatrick

O.V. English

Ink is lifted directly from the page in a physical adaptation of the Bullfinch Press book of the same title. Folk traditions converge in this cameraless animation on 16mm.

CANADA | 4 minutes | 2013

Carole Beecher

O.V. English

An experimental camera-less animation piece worked directly on black leader.

CANADA | 2 minutes | 1995

Isolating Landscapes
Heidi Phillips

O.V. English

A first exploration of narrative, Isolating Landscapes hints at relationship woes by mixing both spare and lush hand-crafted imagery with confessional text. Beautifully minimal scenes give way to denser moments, as when an ice-sculpture of an anatomical heart is hung, lantern-like, over a darkening street.

CANADA | 5 minutes | 2007

Time Away
Carole O'Brien

O.V. English

Three guides accompany us on a road trip away from time... and towards the transformative end of the road, space...

CANADA | 7 minutes | 2007

Jaimz Asmundson

O.V. English

Structured around the recollection of a premonitory dream, fragmented memories from the period leading up to the death of the filmmaker’s mother were projected on to natural textures and surfaces, re-photographed, composited and processed until the memories became abstracted representations of the evolution, degradation and disintegration of memory and the physical self.

CANADA | 6 minutes | 2015

Darryl Nepinak

O.V. English

At the Canadian National Spelling Bee speller Darryl Nepinak stumbles upon a familiar word.

CANADA | 2 minutes | 2008

Hospital Fragment
Guy Maddin

O.V. English

The attempts of a young man (Neale) to consummate his love for a young woman (Heck) are thwarted by a fish monger (Fehr). The woman's beloved (Gottli) cuts bark fish.

CANADA | 4 minutes | 1999

Deco Dawson

O.V. English

FILM(knout) concentrates on a young woman who sets down to the task of tying rope. Meanwhile she has the same idea, and a confrontation of self endures.

CANADA | 10 minutes | 1999

Caroline Monnet

O.V. Cree

IKWÉ is an experimental film that weaves the narrative of one woman’s (IKWÉ) intimate thoughts with the teachings of her grandmother, the Moon, creating a surreal narrative experience that communicates the power of thoughts and personal reflection.

CANADA | 5 minutes | 2009

Gains + losses
Leslie Supnet

O.V. English

Through situational vignettes, gains + losses illustrates Supnet’s thoughts on death and other personal, day-to-day anxieties. Made as a goodbye letter to a deceased beloved, the work touches on internal grief, tempered with a playful sense of humour and lo-fidelity charm.

CANADA | 4 minutes | 2011

Loving the Bomb
Alison Davis

O.V. English

Atomic positive propaganda and historical accounts of nuclear explosions infiltrate the daily existence of a family living in a town supported by atomic bomb production.

CANADA | 4 minutes | 2009

Greg Hanec

O.V. English

A group of infants with electric guitars compose a shocking violent punk rock song which surprises, saddens and offends their mothers.

CANADA | 5 minutes | 1983

A Bit Transcendental
Patrick Lowe

O.V. English

Two teenage psychic wanabees experiment in reading each other’s minds with unpredictable and hilarious results. A colourful homage and parody of the mid 60's NFB experimental films and the late Arthur Lipsett. (“Very nice, very nice”)

CANADA | 5 minutes | 2000


Wednesday October 14, 2015

Cinéma du Parc 2
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