In collaboration with our faithful partner the Cinéma du Parc, we are more than happy and proud to make a tribute to one of the greatest filmmaker of post-war history, the monument Krzysztof Kieslowski.

✔ From September 2 to 20, come to the Parc to rewatch or discover his DEKALOG (divided in 5 parts for that occasion)
More infos.

✔ From October 5 to 16, three of his fiction film, cult and/or controversed, produced during the 70s and 80s, will be presented within our new HISTOIRE(S) DU CINÉMA cycle: 
THE CALM (Spokój-1976, un temps censuré par la TV polonaise) 
CAMERA BUFF (Amator-1979)
BLIND CHANCE (Przypadek-1981, interdit jusqu'à sa sortie en 1987)

NB : each one of the Polish master's films will be preceded by a short film. More info to come soon.



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