Kašinska 6
Zoran Tadic

O.V. Croatian

This documentary short follows the moving of the inhabitants and subsequent tearing down of the house in the working class neighborhood in Zagreb. 

YUGOSLAVIA | 9 minutes | 1981

Martin u oblacima
Branko Bauer

O.V. Croatian

Due to a huge demand, getting an apartment in the new socialist society was not an easy task, so most people only dreamed to have the apartment of their own. Some of them developed schemes — not always...

YUGOSLAVIA | 98 minutes | 1961

Moj stan
Zvonimir Berkovic

O.V. Croatian

YUGOSLAVIA | 14 minutes | 1962

The Third Key
Zoran Tadic

O.V. Croatian

| Where Martin in the Clouds ends, The Third Key begins. A young couple, troubled with the lack of money and unresolved private issues, moves into a new building. Very soon they start to feel as if somebody has...

YUGOSLAVIA | 81 minutes | 1983

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